Thursday, 28 May 2015

Baby on a Budget

At around 15 weeks (time is now BB/AB, before baby or after baby) I had what we could probably call a breakdown. I was worried about money, whether or not I could actually function and look after a human, what it might do to our relationship and just about every other thing you could think of that a pregnancy might change.

This pregnancy wasn't the best timing for us, I've been out of work since December 2013 with only a few jobs in between so I haven't been bringing home the bacon which I hate. We've been doing well on one income, we have no problems paying our mortgage or our bills and we always have extra money to go out to meals etc so we aren't in a horrible situation but we were both hoping we would be in a better situation, especially having more of our mortgage paid off would have been nice.

My solution was to sell 3/4 of my belongings, and I did a good job of it. At the end I made about $3000 which is really good when selling second hand stuff. We've been using that money to buy all the baby stuff and we still have over $2000 in the savings account so we're doing pretty well. We pretty much have everything we need for the baby other than small things that I don't want to buy until the nursery is ready because I can imagine myself losing stuff like baby nail clippers (I found my purse in my underwear drawer yesterday so anything is possible at this stage).

A lot of the big purchases have been second hand - the cot, change table, my glider and the pram were all from Gumtree or Facebook groups and were all less than half price of the retail cost! My cousin gave me a capsule but it didn't work with the pram I wanted so I sold that and the money will cover the cost of a new one. I've been tracking a lot of the stuff I've bought second hand (I love lists) and we've saved a bit over $2000 by buying things second hand (and getting a capsule for free!).

My trick to buying online was using saved searches on Gumtree, it will email you when an item comes up. There were a few different cot's I liked (I used Choice to decide on a lot of the stuff I wanted, I might cover this in another post) so I set up searches for them and just waited. This did mean we started getting a lot of the nursery stuff early so it's been sitting around our loungeroom for a few months now but it's been worth having a bit of clutter when you look at the money you can save buying second hand.

I also joined a lot of buy and sell groups with the intention of selling my stuff but that is where I picked up the pram I wanted (in the exact colour I wanted too) for half price and a few other bits and bobs. Sometimes you just have to browse through all the bad posts to find something good.

My biggest tip to any mum to be is buy second hand, and then sell it once you're done with it! And don't buy into all the baby lists on things you need. Right now I don't know if we have too much or not enough but I am feeling pretty confident we're going to land in the middle and hopefully we won't have to rush to the shops just before closing because we forgot something vital! (note to self, buy nappies before baby is here)

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