Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Pregnancy Apps

I am 20 weeks pregnant today and I do have some notes jotted down for what I want to write but I found a cool app today and it made me think of pregnancy apps I have used.

Here are the ones I am currently using, come full term I will no doubt be downloading a contraction timer app!


This is my most used app, I grabbed it once I found out I was pregnant and it lives on my home page. It provides little updates throughout the day including things about changes to my body, how the baby is developing and tips on how to get through certain symptoms. The calendar function allows you to track appointments, milestones (feeling your first kick, or my favourite being unsolicited belly rub) symptoms etc. It also has a food safety and medication safety database so you can check everything beforehand.

Baby Name Together

This app is like the tinder for baby names. James and I each have an account and we swipe yes or no depending if we like the name and then we can look to see if we have any common picked names (we have one common name so far). I can also just see the names he has put as favourites. You can pick to view names from different regions or even biblical or mythogical if that is your thing. It is also separated into boy and girl names so you can keep two lists if you don't know what the gender of your baby is.


I only recently grabbed this app but it is perfect for someone like me who likes to plan. Since I am not working and I love researching we already have so much planned, we actually have half the nursery furniture (thanks to family and cheap gumtree buys) and then we know exactly what model we want to get for things like the cot and the pram. I have about four different lists now with newborn essentials and I feel like I need more lists because I function better if everything in my life is in lists. It also has creepy images of what the baby looks like, but the little facts on the images are interesting!

All apps are available on both the Apple and Google Play store!


  1. These are pretty cool!!! I kept downloading apps and never used them lol.
    I love lists. I make lists for everything. It makes me feel in control....even if I'm not.
    I can't wait to see this baby!!!! =)

    1. You can't wait to see the baby, what about me! I am dying here haha.

      I just wish I was further along so I could keep planning stuff, I feel a bit crazy with how much stuff is already sorted.