Sunday, 22 March 2015

Decluttering Life

While rambling on Twitter about the state of our house I was introduced to the KonMari Method, unfortunately with the way the Australian dollar is at the moment it seems quite expensive to get it but there are some good articles which sum it up here and here.I've slowly been going through the house decluttering (which is a nono according to KonMari, you should do everything at once but I would need to take lots of naps if that was going to happen). 

There are 3 bags of clothing waiting to be donated with one bag already in the bin. I hit my bookcase tonight and I was surprised at how easy it was to part with my books; between the books I culled tonight and all my cookbooks I've reduced my collection by nearly 100 books and we've gone from having 3 bookcases to just 1! I've been listing stuff online for sale and in about two weeks I have made a bit under $1500, with majority of the money going into a savings account for our lil duck. 

Having such active buy and sell groups as well as using Gumtree has made it easier because I now look at an object, decide if I want it or not and then think about the money I could get for it and it just makes it so much easier for part with. I even went through the DVD drawer today and after looking on eBay discovered Anime holds up it's value so that will also be listed soon.

The next thing will be our office which is the most important since in a few months we will be moving out of it so we can have it repainted and new carpets laid in preparation of it turning into the nursery. The best thing about this is we can finally move all the nursery furniture out of our loungeroom and into its proper room! Another great thing about Gumtree is picking up some great deals, we have so far saved $608 by buying the nursery furniture second hand. I hadn't planned on having things so soon but I had set up saved searches but then everything we wanted suddenly started coming up at great prices we couldn't resist. Babies are expensive so I will take all the savings we can get and I don't find myself saying no to things that I normally would so I am all for more cheap and free things!

I am all for decluttering now, not only is our house having more space and looking better we are making money to be later spent on a million and one different things for the spawn!

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