Tuesday, 17 March 2015

21 Week Update

How far along are you? 21 weeks exactly

Cravings: A burger, specifically the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang from Johnny's Burgers. 

Weight Gain: 4kg or 8.8lb for my American Friends

Comments: None, we haven't really seen many friends lately and the clothing I've been wearing just makes you think 'fat or pregnant' so luckily no comments from complete strangers. 

Favorite moment this week: Using the doppler I bought to find the babies heart beat! I was pretty proud of myself and it was awesome just listening to the beat and also being able to hear movement (and kicks, thanks baby)

Fears: I am super paranoid of something happening, I feel like I am jinxing myself because we are buying stuff so early. 

General mood: Grumpy and hungry. Tiredness is starting to kick in now so I just feel drained all day which is in turn making me feel grouchy at everything. I am coping with things a bit better, although I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed when thinking about the different things we need for the baby. 

Sleep: Since upping my Vitamin D dosage I have been sleeping really well, I sleep through the whole night (not even waking up to pee) and I am rarely taking naps!

Things I was surprised by: Being kicked, and mostly how annoying it can become. I am only feeling the kicks while sitting down (so all the time) but they just don't stop until I get up and walk around a bit. 

Things I am most looking forward to: Being able to fit into shoes again. My feet are so swollen that even my birkenstocks are a bit tight on me so all I've been wearing are thongs or flats.

What I think is really cool and crazy: How much I've popped out the past week! Before I was just looking extra fat and slightly pregnant shaped if you looked closely but since last week it's like BAM and I am starting to feel pretty big.

Food Aversions: Nothing anymore, at the start some things made me feel queasy but I am going pretty good now. 

Maternity Clothes: I live in leggings anyway but they are even more appreciated right now. Just lots of big flowing tops and I am looking forward to the weather cooling down since I feel like I am running a few degrees hotter than usual.

Baby's Sex: It has one, we are keeping it a surprise. 

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